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V-Track subscribers can query the position of their vehicle tracker via mobile phone by sending the following SMS to the INDOGPS SMS Tracking Number that is given out during initial registration :-

>> Q MemberCode UserID SMS-PIN vhc VehicleName <<

1. MemberCode, UserID, dan SMS-PIN are given out during initial registration.
2. VehicleName is the assigned name for the vehicle tracker.

Sample Query SMS:
Q indogps supervisor 8888 vhc Indogps01

Sample Reply SMS:
Last Position for Indogps01
21-05-2006 08:43
Jl. Kosambi Selatan
Jakarta Barat
Speed: 15 km/h
Course: 103 deg


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SMS Tracking can be done 24 hours a day, from any mobile phone, anywhere in the world. Contact us today.

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